At the Gift of God Street Church

I take care of people in need, including those who are disabled, confused, addicted to drugs, or just displaced. We also take people who have no place to go from hospitals, Police or Prison / jail.

I run a non for profit mens shelter, rescue mission and soup kitchen.  I do not accept government assistance and rely on the donations of friends and supporters of the ministry.  Not only do I supply meals, shelter and clothing, but also hope through our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Story

Ed Kannapel spent 12 hours a day on the streets. He searched under bridges and in abandoned buildings for the people who had fallen through the cracks. Some of these people had been kicked out of rescue missions for various reasons. Ed’s goal is to catch them before they fall through the last crack into hell. The streets are a familiar territory to Ed. After two traumatic years in Vietnam and a stint in a military mental hospital, Ed hopped a freight train and spent the next seventeen years on the road. Recovery gave him the opportunity to think about his life. When he happened upon a Christian television program, he decided to call the number. He told the woman he didn’t think Christ wanted a homeless bum. She told him that she used to be a prostitute. “What I’m saying is that if God can save a hooker, He can save you!”, she said. Then she read verses from the Bible showing how Christ Himself insisted He had come to save the ones that need Him most. On Groundhog Day, Ed likes to say, “I don’t know if the groundhog saw his shadow, but I saw the light of Christ that day.” God helped Ed connect with a group of Christian Street ministers. They trained Ed to be a street preacher and evangelist. Ed went on To Graduate from Slidell Baptist Seminary. Now he operates out of his home, post office box, and van. Ed has led street people to the Lord, even creating new church ministers. He has been God’s instrument to save prostitutes who now are married and have families, but Ed takes no credit. “I’m street-wise, but other than that, I’m no one special. ”In 2008 God sent Pastor Ed to Kankakee, IL. To start “The Last Door Gospel Rescue Mission” under the umbrella ministry of “Gift of God Street Church.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many men stay at your shelter?

We normally have between 4 to 25 people for dinner at any given time.


Do you receive any government funding?

We do not receive any government funding so we can remain free to proclaim the gospel.  We rely on donations from friends and supporters of the ministry to fund our operation.

How many people have you seen saved through this ministry?

Many find their lives changed and go on to lead productive lives, find new jobs or return to their families.


Are you able to find jobs for the men?

We are not a job placement agency, but we do work to help people to become self-reliant and responsible.  We do occasionally have job opportunities come to us for people looking for small jobs or part time work.  We also refer people to temp agencies and encourage them to look for work every day.


Are there laundry facilities available for the men?

Yes, there is a laundry schedule available.


How many meals do you provide each day?

We provide Dinner Monday thru Friday at 5"00 pm. On weekends we go to the streets with our mobile soup Kitchen.  These meals are available to men, women, and children.